Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where do I freakin' begin?!?!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged and the more I procrastinate, the more things happen, and the more overwhelmed I get about where to start on blogging again. . .

So, I'm just going to jump in head first and start with the highlights:

1) am really starting to feel comfortable, truly comfortable, at my job
(a certain someone said it would take almost 6mos for this to happen)

2) involving myself in many fundraising walk, races, etc.
Hospice's "Walk to Remember", American Heart Assoc's "Heartwalk", American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" and I'll be doing another one for the Susan G. Komen Foundation "Race for the Cure" on August 9th.

3)enjoying spending time with my Hospice patient at the nursing home. She seems to actually be making a recovery. As I visit more, she seems to be getting better, if that's possible. Last week, she talked to me the most she ever had.

4)Jonathan and I are doing great! I just enjoy his company so much! We are having a great time together. And I just Love his family!

5) I MOVED! This is my first place ever that I've moved in to that I am completely responsible for, that is ALL MY stuff and I just love it. It's a cozy 1bed 1.5bath townhome and I am loving decorating it!

6)I just bought my tickets to Virginia to visit Scott, Mandy, and Izzy the week of Labor Day, Saturday through Saturday! I am JUST so freakin' excited about it!

7) My birthday's tomorrow, and it really is the first birthday that I've really looked forward to celebrating! Not because of the age that I'm turning, it's not a big one or anything, but because of where I am in life, the people I have in my life, and the way I FEEL about life right now! I can't think of a better time to celebrate!

8)Mom and Dad are keeping Baxter for now, but I really do want to find a good home for him. While they take good care of him and provide him with his basic needs, they and I both know he could use a family that is going to provide him with as much attention as he craves (my dream would be a family on some land with kids). So if you know of anyone, please let me know!

9) I have been a selling maniac lately trying to get rid of the old and bring in the new! To date, I've sold over $750 worth of "stuff" since last March!!! I know, I know! So, now, I have a brand new couch, dining table, and it just looks so great, I'll post pics soon!

10) My life is a complete 180 from where it was at this exact same time a year ago. I was unhappily married, had been for the entire marriage, my husband was making phone calls to a girl that he went to school and promised he no longer was speaking with her. He even called her several times on my birthday last year. I didn't like/nor love my husband. I was moody, I was jealous of every friend I had, immensely depressed, I was. . .well, a mess. And had been for a long time. While I'm not going to say that I don't still get depressed sometimes, or don't still have things to work on, I have made some MAJOR steps to turn my life around and get it in the direction that it should have been in all along. My one realization is this, I could have NEVER gotten into this great part of my life had I not gone through those steps that I did to get here, and for that I'm grateful.

Ta ta for now!

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catie said...

Robbie and I could not be happier for you!